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Dear Blogspot,

Remember me?

I’m not even LOOKING to see when my last post was… as I am sure that it was over a year ago. It has been a very busy art year, with my web design internship slowly making its way into a full time job… and now I would like to get back to some blogging/posting of art projects, design comps, sketches, commissions, illustrations – the big old mess of art & design stuff I am working on.

To start!

Here’s an illustration for my friend Marilyn, who I’ve worked with on various projects since we met at Somerville Open Studios in 2011. This illustration was for her friend Cat, who lives on the beach, and wanted to feature two beloved pups. The tricky thing about this image is that her house actually directly faces the ocean on a straight road, her front door behind her as she stands and looks at the water. In order to show both her beautiful home and her view, I “opened up” the image to a 180 degree view, using Google Maps and taking screenshots as I “turned” in place. Thus the very curvy perspective of the road.

I will post more soon… I promise? No promises. But a desire to do so, yes.

 All images Copyright ©2014 Emma Weisman

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