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I went to an event at Schechter last night – the school where I worked until a month ago – which reminded me to post these photos of the set from the May play.  The kids were ducks and cats and other barnyard characters in Honk! The Story of the Ugly Duckling. It was absolutely adorable, and fun to work on a nature-focused “duckpond” set.
Due to time crunch, I didn’t make the backdrop this time – –  it was purchased from
Both the Cattails and Duck Eggs were made almost completely from recycled materials I found at EXCL Recycles.
My coworker Krysta showing the scale of these Cattails:

Fuzzy! The head of the cattail was made with weird plushy pink insulation strips –
I spraypainted them brown and wrapped them around a styrofoam base.
Giant cookbook for the Cat’s House: (made from big cardboard display board)
The Duck Eggs were pretty big – about 3 1/2 feet tall.
The Ducks needed crouch behind them and then pop out when they were “hatched”:
 The Duck Eggs were made with recycled textured cloth pulled over styrofoam board.  I sliced vertical lines in the boards so that they would bend and create 3 dimensional look.  Then lots of spray paint and hand painting for the dots.
One of these Eggs is not like the others….
All photos Copyright ©2013 Emma Weisman

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