A New England Christmas

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I didn’t post this before the holidays – oh, the busy, busy holidays! – but here is the christmas card I illustrated for my parents this year. My parents love birds – my Dad in particular knows all of the regional birds and has several bird-feeders, built to fend off evil squirrels. So the theme this year was a New … Read More

Not just ABC’s

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This year I was lucky to receive a second commission from a nice woman named Nicole – I had made a Little Monster ABC illustration for her son Calvin, and now she was looking for a unique gift for a friend. Did I make 1-2-3s, she asked? Great idea, Nicole! She sent me information about the family (Jets fans, love … Read More

Welcome Back

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Dear Blogspot, Remember me? I’m not even LOOKING to see when my last post was… as I am sure that it was over a year ago. It has been a very busy art year, with my web design internship slowly making its way into a full time job… and now I would like to get back to some blogging/posting of … Read More

Fairies! Finished!

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This was a private commission, made for four cute kids with a big backyard and a love of fairies. The final piece is 18 x 24 (big!) and was made with watercolor/gouache, colored pencil, and some brush markers. Details:  All images Copyright ©2013 Emma Weisman

Fairies in process

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I’m making a painting of a magical wood for four little girls that love fairies.  It’s nearly finished (will post final pics soon!) but here were the drafts along the way: copyright 2013 sketches by Emma Weisman

IF: Children

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Some of my older illustrations for this week’s Illustration Friday word – based on real kids! The Tantrum: The Super Fast Karate Airplane: www.emmaweisman.com Copyright ©2010 Emma Weisman

Set Design for “Honk!”

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I went to an event at Schechter last night – the school where I worked until a month ago – which reminded me to post these photos of the set from the May play.  The kids were ducks and cats and other barnyard characters in Honk! The Story of the Ugly Duckling. It was absolutely adorable, and fun to work on … Read More