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Halfway done with an illustration I’m working on –
The full illustration will show a cutaway view of a three-story apartment building, with the family on the 2nd floor feeling upset by some loud sounds from the floor above.
I’m building up a lot of layers of watercolor, colored pencil, and gouache, and it’s finally starting to come together…

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weisman record

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My wonderful brothers, Chris and Kurt, are both talented musicians, and collaborate on music projects all of the time. So when they had the idea of making a Weisman sibling album, it was very exciting to be asked to be a part of the process.
We all took the same phrase, “Over The Shadow’s Door”, and, without sharing any ideas with each other (it was all very top secret), made something inspired by that phrase.
Chris has music on one side of the record, Kurt has music on the other, and I made the cover art, using watercolor and pen & ink.

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(back cover design/text by Greg Davis/autumn records)