Nicki & Yann’s Baby Shower

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Two of my favorite people are having a baby — a Boy!
We gave them this trio of furry animals, which I drew with pen&ink:
Learn                   –                   Play                   –                   Love
 All images Copyright ©2013 Emma Weisman

Sticky Note Sketch

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Oh my goodness. I haven’t updated my Sketchblog since NOVEMBER?

There are many projects to share, but today I’ll start with the most simple – a doodle on one of those long skinny yellow Post-its.
It’s The Girl with the Ribbon Around Her Neck… I’ve always loved that creepy story.
Miss you, blog.

Happy Halloween!

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This year’s Halloween Card is a Haunted House, 
with secrets behind each door and window:
See the doors open in this Spooky Mini Movie: 
(Very Mini = 9 seconds)

How this card was made:
The tracing paper draft:
House exterior:
…and spooky interior:
Superimposing the drafts to make sure they will fit together:
The final card:

all images copyright Emma Weisman © 2012

Barry Family ABCs

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 Little Monster’s ABCs – 
for my Aunt Meg, Uncle Dave, and cousins Sean and Kate in Texas!

(the most grown-up of the ABCs yet – – Q for Quench:)
Aunt Meg, on her way to get it framed!
all images copyright © Emma Weisman 2012

Fred and Gay’s ABC Draft

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Drafts drafts drafts drafts – I’ve been using all of my holidays from school to make rough drafts for upcoming projects – most of which I can’t post because they are christmas gifts!  
This one, however, I can – it is for Fred and Gay, good friends of my parents from way back when.  Just missing the X, Y and Z…

Little Monsters go to Afterschool too

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I just finished this poster for my Afterschool Program’s Fall Enrichment Brochure. Phew! It was a whirlwind project – – devised and completed within one week. 
The poster features Enrichment Classes kids can sign up for – – music, dance, chess, theater, basketball, cooking, karate, painting, circus, animal care, chinese, and flag football.  It will be sent out to the school’s families as a folded 11 x 17 poster, with information about the Afterschool Program and Enrichment Classes on the back.
Here it is – – sending it off to the printers!

Poster Details:
Flag Football & Photography

 Theater Program

The first draft – – too crowded: 
The second draft: much better, and ready to be transferred and painted!

Without text:

all images © copyright 2012 Emma Weisman

How nice!

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I am very lucky today.

I just discovered that I received the biggest compliment in the world – a feature on Sarah Coyne’s blog.  Sarah is an old friend (think 9th grade) who I occasionally spot around town, and is an Amazing Artist that I have always looked up to.  What a lovely surprise – thank you Sarah!

See Sarah’s illustrations & artwork at, her sumptuous photography on her blog , and buy her adorable and clever products at her shop.

A few things I couldn’t help but steal off her website:

The other nice thing: I was emailed this pic from my Aunt Meg in Texas – 
Uncle Dave receiving one of my prints as an early Father’s Day gift from his family. Love that smile!